java - 3D LAVIRINT
verzija 1.5
You need a Java beta API enabled Web browser (e.g., Netscape 2.0) in order to use this page.

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autor: James L. Dean

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Detaljno objašnjenje:

Generate and solve mazes on Web browsers that support Java.

The mazes are displayed in three dimensions.

Press the appropriate button to get a "New" maze, "Solve" a maze, or
"Clear" the solution from a maze.

When this applet is run under the application viewer, resizing the window
results in a new maze (except when the window is minimized and subsequently
restored). Larger windows yield mazes with more rooms.

The vertical scroll bar can be used to change the tilt of the maze.

Check "Square rooms" or "Hexagonal rooms" to change the style of maze.

After a maze with square rooms is drawn, you can use the arrow keys to
solve it. After a maze with hexagonal rooms is drawn, you can use the Home,
Up Arrow, PgUp, End, Down Arrow, and PgDn keys (or the corresponding numbers)
to solve it. If those keys are laid out on your numeric keypad as follows:

Home Up Arrow PgUp
7 8 9
End Down Arrow PgDn
1 2 3

the direction of movement in the applet will correspond to the direction of
the key from "5" on the keypad.

Each maze has exactly one solution that does not involve backtracking
(passing through a doorway more than once).

Java source code is included with this applet. I, James L. Dean, am the
author of the source code. Press "About" for information about distributing
this applet.

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